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Renewable Energy
For the Australian Farming Community

Ricketts Point Power is an Energy Company with a focus on providing renewable energy to farms at a lower long term price than traditional suppliers.

We provide lower cost energy by designing a solution specific to each farm that optimises costs, GHG emissions and reliability.


Our Offer

  • Lower prices than traditional suppliers
  • Long term fixed price contracts
  • Total farm control
  • Total reliability
  • Lower Greenhouse gas footprint

Our Process

  • Review the farm operation
  • Design an energy system specific to your farm’s needs
  • Finance and install the energy system
  • Provide ongoing system support across the life of the system

We’re seeking
Dairy Farms

Ricketts Point Power have been focusing on renewable energy for Dairy Farms as Dairy Operations have the most to gain from the Ricketts Point Power approach.

We are presently in the planning stages and are looking for a few dairy farms we can work with to gather real world energy use data (we will be paying for this data). 

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