Can your solar panels damage the grid?

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Renewable Energy News

Recently in the news there have been a series of articles regarding the impact of large PV arrays on the voltage of Low Voltage supply grids.

For the industry this is not a new issue, in fact the Australian Standard for grid connected inverters  AS/NZS 477.1:2016 specifically requires inverters to disconnect (operate in islanded mode) if the grid voltage gets too high.

Ricketts Point Power has developed a methodology to accurately predict how often a given system is likely to increase voltage limits. The analytical approach allows an estimate to be made of the commercial viability of paying to store excess PV array electricity in batteries or as hot water. The analytical approach allows much larger PV arrays to installed knowing that any excess energy from the large PV array, ( that may cause a rise of grid voltage) can be stored  ( in batteries or as hot water) instead of being wasted.

The advantage is that the Solar PV panels are the cheapest part of any system and it is much better to size your array for a winters day, and store excess energy generated on a summer day, rather than limit the array size based on its summer day output and have a shortfall on a winters day.

We're Seeking Dairy Farms

We are presently in the planning stages and are looking for a few dairy farms we can work with to gather real world energy use data (we will be paying for this data).

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