Long term gains for

Dairy Farms
Ricketts Point Power have been focusing on  dairy farms as Dairy Operations have the most to gain from the Ricketts Point Power approach.
We are presently in the planning stages and are looking for a few dairy farms we can work with to gather real world energy use data (we will be paying for this data).



Dairy farms have unique issues

  • Mix of pure electrical load, cooling load and heating loads
  • Cost of energy is becoming a significant issue for dairy farms
  • Price volatility is difficult for dairy farms to monitor
  • Dairy farms have long term investment in processing equipment which means it’s not easy to change equipment or improve energy mix and energy efficiency

Our plan for dairy farms

  • We will use the real world data to develop some detailed plans and indicative designs
  • Our expectation is that the systems we develop will use PV generation, a combination of hot water, cold water and battery storage and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators

  • We plan to build one or two systems for customers in 2019 in order to test the concepts


Our offer to dairy farms

  • Our aim is to become a renewable energy company that supplies energy to farms with competitive long term stable pricing

  • Initial desire is to own the equipment we use but we will be happy to work with farms to look at what works best in each given situation

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