Energy Systems

Our farm energy systems are designed to meet the particular farm requirement. Our designs use the most appropriate technologies including;

  • Solar Photovolataic Generation

  • Solar Hot Water Generation

  • Electric Hot Water Heating

  • Water Refrigeration

  • Hot Water Storage

  • Cold Water Storage

  • Battery Electrical Storage

  • Combined Heat and Power machines

Fixed Price


System Configuration

The final configuration of a system is established using  Ricketts Point Power proprietary “Multi Objective Optimisation” (MOO) design tools. 

Regardless of the system configuration Rickets Point Power establishes a price for energy and that price is fixed. The risk for incorrect design all resides with Rickets Point Power not the Farm.

Custom Solution


Equipment Agnostic

Ricketts Point Power is not an equipment wholesaler. We do not have obligations to sell particular equipment so we are free to always select the most appropriate equipment for a given farm requirement.

Frequent Questions


Does the farm own the energy system?

No, the energy system equipment remains the property of Ricketts Point Power. The farm purchases energy only.


Who maintains the energy system?

Ricketts Point Power is responsible for all system maintenance. We remotely monitor system operation and in most instance will conduct preventative maintenance at agreed times. Ricketts Point Power will in most instances contract and train local tradesman to support your system which means that you will be dealing with trades people you know and who can provide timely support.


We already have solar panels, can we use them?

Yes, we will work out a way to accommodate exiting PV panels.


What is the contract term?

There is no fixed term. RPP prefers at least a 10 year supply contract because we can get a more competitive fixed price for a long term contract. The longer the contract term the cheaper the energy.


Who gets any Government Energy Rebates?

Generally no one. Ricketts Point Power pricing does not rely on any Government rebates because we aim to enter into long term pricing deals and Government policies come and go. If we identify a rebate that may be applicable and doesn’t compromise our designs we will attempt to use it if possible and share the savings. 


Who owns the energy system at the end of the contract period?

Ricketts Point Power retains ownership of the equipment and will remove it at the end of the contract period.


What if we wish to change energy supplier?

It’s our job to make sure there is no reason to do that, but if you want to switch supplier we will co-ordinate with your new supplier and then come and remove our equipment when your new supply is established.


We already have a generator, can we use that?

Most likely not. We use specialist machines.


How long is the price fixed for?

This depends on the design of the system. Generally battery storage will need to be swapped out at 8 to 10 years and a price reduction my be associated with battery swaps fuel costs vary over time. Once we have a system design we may need to discuss a Fuel Price mechanism with individual farms, our aim is to to be able to offer a fixed price for at least 5 years. We will be able to detail at the start of the contract the systems exposure to fuel price variation.

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