Multi Objective Optimisation Applied to Farm Energy Systems

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Renewable Energy News

Multi Objective Optimisation (MOO) describes a process whereby multiple outcomes or objectives are weighed up against each other and the ’optimised’ solution is a ’balanced’ outcome between all of , what are normally assumed to be, competing objectives. In Renewable Energy Systems the MOO approach is used to balance out the cost of energy, CO2 emissions and supply security.

In the Ricketts Point Power MOO process for Renewable Energy Systems the decisions to be made involves choosing the relative size of:

  • PV arrays
  • Battery Storage
  • Hot water storage
  • Cold water storage
  • Hot water solar array size
  • CHP machine  running time


The MOO technique makes all the choices about these system component sizes to ensure the best balance between cost of energy, emissions and supply security.

In addition the MOO technique sizes the system taking into account the variability of the weather ( incident energy) at the specific site. Weather patterns can be averaged over as many years as data is available.

We're Seeking Dairy Farms

We are presently in the planning stages and are looking for a few dairy farms we can work with to gather real world energy use data (we will be paying for this data).

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